RSK [UK] LIMITED - Oil & Gas Consultants

Oil & Gas Reserves Evaluation and Advisory Services


RSK [UK] LIMITED provides advisory services in the form of evaluation and arrangement of transactions for production and exploration properties throughout the world. RSK provides a unique blend of technical expertise in reserves evaluation, financial services and political advice for buyers and sellers alike. RSK [UK] LIMITED’s primary business is the provision of in-depth exploration and production asset evaluations.

We also provide the short-term management of exploration and production investments made by financial institutions and high net-worth individuals as well as similar services to transfer "know how" to state companies and start-up operators. Our sister company, RSK Financial Services, Ltd., undertakes traditional merger and acquisition assignments restricted to upstream assets and oil and gas companies on a limited basis. RSK’s sophisticated technical approach brings value added, whether in anticipation of short-term capital investments, liquidity events or project sanctioning. RSK’s unique skills and track record in this sector distinguish it from other energy advisors.

RSK's brochure is available here.