RSK’s primary focus is management consulting in the management and reconfiguration of upstream asset portfolios. By using of hierarchies and analyzing the impact of individual assets on the overall performance metrics, we rank investments and assets for the additions/detractions they may have on the financial results of the operator. Our skilled team performs comparative measurement of risk and return for each operator’s unique financial situation. RSK management consulting services are multi-faceted:

  • Technical and Economic Asset Valuation
  • Management and Measurement Practices
  • Strategic and Capital Planning

Technology is the great multiplier of effectiveness. Our proprietary technology is a SEAMLESS INFORMATION TRANSFER from static model to dynamic model to economic model, which explores all strategic options and reduces the time to final solution. RSK employs only the most qualified engineers and geoscientists, maximizing technology potential with fewer expended man hours. We combine years of judgment with powerful modeling tools and state-of-the-art hardware.

RSK also implements 3D stereoscopic immersion technology services in a dedicated on-site theater. An integrated team of engineers and geoscientists can simultaneously review geology, reservoir properties, well mechanics and economics in devising development strategies that yield the highest potential return and chance of success in a visual environment.

While our main focus is management consulting, we continue to perform a multitude of other services:


Our team specializes in providing comprehensive evaluations for projects at the exploration through production phases whether at the individual well, reservoir, field or corporate portfolio scale.

At RSK, we employ multidisciplinary work processes to achieve an integrated geologic, engineering and economic model.

We provide the following management services:

  • Asset Conservancy
  • Investment Sanctioning Consultation
  • Transitional Management Out-sourcing
  • Portfolio Analysis & Structuring
  • Management Processes
  • Capital Structure Analysis
    • Risked Revenue Projections
    • Risked Expense Projections
    • Risked Free Cash Flow Projections
    • Risked Earnings Projections
  • Optimization of Cost of Capital


RSK performs industry-standard technical and economic evaluations of exploration and production opportunities. Reserves certificates alone do not provide a reliable indicator of the impact on the cash-flow of the financial statement. Our reports identify key technical attributes and we confidently integrate an asset into a future financial statement model. We provide the following evaluation services:

  • Advisory Services
  • Geologic and Engineering Services
  • Project Economics
  • Risk Analysis and Decision Matrix
  • Strategic Planning



Our team of experts understand oil demand in terms of the complex relationship between work demand, price and volume requirements. We’ve developed a proprietary database over many years and our incremental cost method is notably unique. We provide economic studies that focus on:

  • Price Forecasts
  • Supply/Demand



RSK has access to exclusive proprietary deal-flows as a result of our provision in evaluations and studies for our premier clients. Our firm facilitates public sales and data rooms including private sales for more challenging projects. We are highly proficient at identifying a project’s needs and evaluating the skills of prospective buyers. . We also work with private equity and major banks such as UBS in arranging financing. We provide:

  • Deal Flow
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales Process Management
  • Structured Finance
  • Equity



Our team specializes in providing comprehensive exploration services at scales from the unproven basin to the prospect assessment in established plays and reservoir solutions for fields and/or individual wells. At RSK, we employ multidisciplinary work processes with the result of an integrated geologic, engineering and economic model. Our reports are clear and objective, informative for the operator from the boardroom to the field. We provide the following technical services:

  • Drilling Prognosis
  • Exploration Interpretations
  • Field Development Plans and Production Engineering
  • Technology Transfer