RSK is led by a team of experienced professionals that have seen it all. Our principals include the former CEO of an independent oil & gas production company, the former president of a super-major energy company, a prominent industry leading reserves expert, a leading exploration geologist that served as the president of the AAPG, a former senior Mideast oil ministry executive, and highly prominent reservoir engineers, geologists, geophysicists and petroleum economists using the best practices from major energy company backgrounds.

  • Wayne L. Kelley, Managing Director

    Mr. Kelley is the Managing Director of RSK [UK] LIMITED, a petroleum consultancy with focus in Africa, Latin America and the Mideast. Wayne is a business executive with 35 years’ experience with oil and gas operators, service companies and consulting engineers in the upstream sector of the energy industry.

    Wayne attended the Colorado School of Mines, his experience includes projects in the North Sea, Africa, the Mid East, Central and South America, the contiguous United States, Canada and Alaska. Beginning his career with Pennzoil, he has worked in both exploration and field development on and offshore. Additionally he has served as a division engineer for Halliburton’s Brown & Root Alaska and Latin America Division, vice president – division manager and partner at Charles T. Main, CEO of DSI, a multinational design-finance and construction management company and CEO of Omega Oil Company which was largely engaged in research and development.

    Wayne is a U.S. patent holder for several advances in the use of coiled tubing drilling technology and the production of shallow, low-pressure reservoirs. His financing experience includes project finance with multilateral agencies, mergers and acquisitions, equity finance, project evaluation – structure of finance – risk/economic analysis, preparation of finance documents and finance negotiations. Mr. Kelley’s fields of professional interest are the economic assessment and finance of oil and gas properties.

  • Richard S. Bishop, PhD. Executive Director & Chief Geologist

    Dick Bishop is a geologist who has worked the spectrum of research- exploration – production for ExxonMobil (29 years) and Unocal (2 years). During this time he has ‘seen the world’ both as an explorationist and as a synthesizer of global exploration opportunities. He has developed geological ‘yardsticks’ for play and prospect evaluation, developed economic and geological criteria to compare diverse exploration opportunities, contributed fundamental scientific concepts of hydrocarbon accumulation and diapir mechanics, mapped at the reservoir to multi basin scale, and is a guy who has a grand time doing petroleum geology.

    Most recently, he has been evaluating major extensions of conventional plays in Africa, evaluating unconventional gas in North America, writing a business plan for AAPG to capture more maps in GIS, and developing methods to evaluate the Circum Arctic. Dick’s primary skill is as an assessor who finds ways to evaluate and compare disparate opportunities and to aid in not only evaluating one’s current core plays but in developing criteria useful in identifying potential future core areas of exploration.

    In addition to doing geology, Dick enjoys being around geologists and is past President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, past President of the Houston Geological Society, has helped to organize several AAPG Hedberg Conferences (assessment, foldbelts, tight gas sands), was General Chairman of the AAPG Annual Convention, been recognized with the AAPG Sproule Award, and is a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Missouri and an Honorary Member of both AAPG and the HGS. Dick earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University, his M.A. from University of Missouri, and B.S. from Texas Christian University.

  • D. Ronald (Ron) Harrell, P.E. Senior Advisor

    Mr. Harrell is a 1957 Petroleum Engineering graduate of Louisiana Tech University and was named as Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 2002. He was employed with a small independent producer from 1957 to 1964 and with independent consultant Ralph E. Davis Associates from 1964 to 1968.

    Ron joined Ryder Scott Company in 1968 and advanced as a corporate officer through reserves studies of reservoirs located in virtually every oil producing province of the world. He led the company through its greatest period of growth in the late 1990s into the present time. Ron relinquished the CEO position in 2005 and retired as Chairman in May 2006. He has been intimately involved with petroleum resources and reserves definitions since joining the SPE Oil & Gas Reserves Committee (OGRC) in 1996 and continues to be an industry spokesman for the need for reliable, properly categorized reserves estimates by trained, qualified reserves evaluators. Ron remains active in OGRC matters through his position as SPEE Observer to the committee. He has authored numerous SPE technical papers and is a SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 2007-2008 delivering 34 lectures in 17 countries. He has received recognition for his industry contributions through SPE Awards at the local section level and internationally. He received an Honorary Life Member Award from the SPEE in 2007.

    He has participated as an invited speaker in numerous SPE-sponsored events worldwide and for SPE Chapters in several countries. Ron serves as an active member on 6 Boards of Directors including corporations, universities and not-for-profit organizations.

  • Jean-Luc Vermeulen, PhD. Senior Advisor

    Jean-Luc Vermeulen, a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris holding a PhD in theoretical physics has worked in exploration and production for Elf Aquitaine and for Total for 33 years. He was President of Exploration-Production and a member of the Executive Committee of Elf Aquitaine and held the same positions with Total following the merger of the two companies.

    Jean-Luc began his career with Elf Aquitaine in the Research division. He held a number of different positions in the Exploration-Production division and in the Natural Gas division, overseas (in the Middle East and in Africa) and in France including VP E&P Business Development, Senior Vice President Mergers and Acquisitions and Senior Vice President for Africa.

    Mr. Vermeulen retired from Total at the end of 2003 and sat on the Board of Directors of the Russian oil company TNK-BP until 2008. He is also co-founder and Chairman of Majus Ltd., a UK company which develops innovative thermal technologies to enhance the production and recovery rates of heavy or waxy oilfields.

  • David K. Johnston, Director Alaska

    David Johnston is a registered professional engineer with 33 years of oil and gas experience in drilling and production, project development and operations, management and consulting services. Since 1996, his work has focused exclusively on Alaskan properties with projects in the North Slope and Prudhoe Bay regions.

    Prior to managing RSK’s Alaska practice, he served as the Eni Petroleum Facilities Engineer Manager for the Nikaitchuq Development Project where he provided leadership and technical oversight for a $2 billion project from concept to engineering closeout. David has also assisted in generating development drilling opportunities, supervised the design and construction of surface equipment for new and expanding gas fields, and developed reservoir depletion, drilling, and utilization plans.

    David has served in various executive management and senior level positions at Armstrong Oil and Gas, ASRC Energy Services, Schlumberger Oilfield Services, and Coastal Oil and Gas Corporation. David has proven his ability as a leader in engineering and production, with a great knowledge of resource planning, drilling, strategies, design, and implementation. He earned his BS in petroleum engineering from Texas Tech University before completing the executive Development Program at Wharton School.

  • Raad Mohammed, Director Middle East

    Raad Mohammed was the Director of Amiraq Consultants in Iraq from 1997 to 2003 responsible for the procurement of Oil and Gas equipment (logging trucks and wire-line tools, other down hole tools and packers, drilling bits, wellheads, shoes, centralizers and down hole pressure gages), for the Iraqi Ministry of Oil. He was Alriyath’s Projects manager for construction of industrial and civil buildings.

    Raad Mohammed was the Civil Engineering manager in the Ministry of Oil in Iraq, Missan Oil fields Directorate, Oil Exploration co. from 1977 to 1987. He also served as Civil Engineering manager in the Buzrgan oil fields with Elf – Erab Co. 1976. Raad Mohammed gained B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona in 1974.

  • Janet M. Combes, PhD. Geologist & Stratigrapher

    Janet Combes has worked in the petroleum industry for over 35 years with multiple companies including Tenneco, Amoco, ConocoPhillips, and ExxonMobil. Janet’s expertise is integrated geological and geophysical interpretation with an emphasis on sequence and seismic stratigraphy. She has worked on projects ranging from onshore deltaic deposits, deep-water turbidite systems, shale plays, and coalbed methane to conventional reservoir exploration in established basins to frontier plays, as well as in development and production projects.

    Janet has worked around the world – U.S. areas include onshore to deepwater Gulf of Mexico, the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico, the US Atlantic margin, several regions of Alaska, the midcontinent Dakota Formation, the Mississippi Lime of Kansas, the San Juan Basin, and international projects range in North Sea, West Africa and East Africa, China, Australia, India, Trinidad, Brazil, Eastern Mediterranean play, Iranian Persian Gulf, Kurdistan, and Algeria.

    Janet has published 22 papers and extended abstracts as well as 20 meeting abstracts and internal company papers. Janet received her B.S. in Geology from Louisiana State University, her M.S. in Applied Geophysics from the University of Houston and her Ph.D. in Geology/Sedimentology from the University of Texas in Austin.

  • David J. Lyons, PhD. Advisor

    Dave Lyons has worked in research and exploration for more than 40 years, 8 years with Shell, 10 as an independent consultant and over 20 with ExxonMobil. Through this time, Dave has worked a variety of scales from undrilled basins to field development. Dave has extensive experience as a project leader of regional studies leading to basin/play evaluation, opportunity identification and ranking. Such efforts include not only project planning and budgeting but most importantly opportunity capture strategy, technical study proposals, seriatim of opportunities, farm-in evaluations, competitor analysis and industry volumes evaluations. Dave also spent time developing methods and tools for stratigraphic interpretation.

    He has experience in all continents (except Antarctica) and, indeed, it is hard to find a spot in the world Dave has not worked to some extent. Specifically, he has worked all countries in Africa, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Caspian and North Atlantic regions. In addition, Dave has worked East and Southeast Asia, Western USA, the Falklands, and probably some places he has forgotten to list, but his most extensive experience is with Africa and the Middle East.

    Dave’s most recent experience was as project leader for developing integrated geoscience workflows and use of technologies, particularly emphasizing the use of GIS. Dave Lyons has the geologist/geophysicist experience to find what Nature has hidden and the judgment to evaluate it correctly. He holds a Ph.D. in Geology from Washington State University (1967) and a B.S. in Geology from Ohio University (1964).

  • Ian O. Norton, PhD. Advisor

    Ian Norton worked in research and exploration for ExxonMobil for 26 years. A significant portion of this time was spent with teams working evaluation of existing and potential hydrocarbon prospectivity in almost all of the world’s producing basins, plus many new plays in frontier basins. This work led to many of ExxonMobil’s entries into new plays, and identified many others that were not expected to be profitable under contemporary economic conditions.

    Ian’s main interest is in the structural and tectonic aspects of play evaluation, with a strong focus on basin formation and fill histories that lead to viable prospect development. Ian is an author or co-author of 20 scientific papers plus nearly 40 meeting abstracts. He is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the American Geophysical Union. Ian holds a Ph.D. from MIT.