Although RSK provides traditional engineering and geologic/geophysical services, we are true management consultants that focus on determining values for transactions and investment sanctioning. Our core business is associated with the acquisition, divestiture and work-programs of oil and gas exploration and production assets.

The market for oil and gas exploration and development projects is becoming increasingly competitive. The challenge is to find commercially viable opportunities, and RSK is a valued and reputable resource to operators and institutional investors in finding those opportunities. Our advanced methods allow us to quantify uncertainty to acceptable and manageable levels of risk. Most energy advisors use separate resources:

  • Stand-Alone Reserves Reports – These do not provide assurance of an economic outcome. Sufficient geotechnical information must be available to quantify uncertainty and range of potential outcomes.
  • EMV – This is specific to the resources and challenges for each reservoir. Correct identification of uncertainties and sensitivities impacting EMV is unique to every oil or gas field.

For over a decade, RSK has been highly successful in the identification of opportunities with upside potential through a combined technical, commercial and political evaluation. We’ve completed more than 400 specialized projects for global clients such as Anadarko, Fluor, Deutsche Bank, Iraqi Oil Ministry, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Petrobras and many more. We typically work on a handful of assignments at any given time with the emphasis on finding previously un-recognized risks and value.

We have the know-how to combine and use all features. Our business is based on the ability to identify physical and commercial attributes, uncertainties and risk EMV.